Loan for renovation – where to find?

You should only consider borrowing money to renovate your home if you’re confident that the project will either reduce your long-term costs or increase the value of your property. Some home renovation projects can increase your property value by a greater amount than what you spend on renovations.

Attic insulation, basements, bathrooms and front door remodels top the list for valuable repairs. If you’re hoping to improve the value of your home before selling, make sure you’re putting your money where it counts.

If renovation work on a house or apartment is due, this costs money. It also depends on the type of renovation. In most cases, only a new wallpaper or a different color comes on the walls, the doors are painted and a new floor covering may be added.

Most of it was. Nevertheless, such work is cost-intensive, especially when the entire apartment is to be replaced. For such purposes, the banks are providing a loan for the renovation.

Renovation, modernization or renovation?

Renovation, modernization or renovation?

If the work in the house or apartment serves the purpose of saving energy costs or increasing the value of the property, then a modernization loan can also be considered. In contrast to the loan for the renovation, this is tied to the purpose. However, government-sponsored loans can also be used for this.

These are awarded by the development bank. The typical examples of such a loan are facade insulation, the installation of a cost-saving heating system or renovation of old properties. In this context, one speaks of renovation or modernization.

However, if you just want to beautify your apartment or house, a loan is enough for the renovation. This is only about a relatively small amount of money that can be covered with a conventional installment loan. These loans are not earmarked and anyone who applies for them online does not even have to specify a purpose.

Use a credit through your checking account or credit card

Use a credit through your checking account or credit card

Many have a disposition limit on their checking account that they can use without asking the bank beforehand. This also applies to the credit card. Here, too, there is usually a limit and repayment can be made in small, convenient installments.

If you want to use this, you should be aware that higher interest rates are payable than for a loan for the renovation. It is therefore only worthwhile if the time frame for the repayment is not too long. Otherwise you should rather resort to a loan.

Low Interest Rate Loan – What is it?


A low interest rate loan is the form of loan that every borrower wants. As the name suggests, interest is as low as possible, so that the total cost of the loan remains manageable.

A loan with a low interest rate should tend to be the highest goal for every borrower, because ultimately the interest rate decides on the quality of a loan and how expensive it will ultimately be for the borrower.

Low interest rate loans

Low interest rate loans

Low interest rates have enormous advantages, because the interest rate paid does not change anything at all because of the interest rate. This is counted as a percentage with reference to the requested loan amount and therefore increases exponentially the longer the term and the higher the loan amount.

Therefore, a loan comparison is always worthwhile, especially if the loan amount is in the medium to high range. A low interest rate is initially not expressed in an absolute number, but in the form of the lowest possible percentage. Of course, the savings compared to an expensive loan versus a cheap loan tend to be quickly quantified using absolute figures.

Save as much as possible on the loan

Save as much as possible on the loan

Regardless of the reason for which the low interest rate loan is sought, there is ultimately no reason for the borrower to spend more on the loan than is absolutely necessary. Loans with as fair and low interest rates as possible can be found quickly using the so-called loan calculator.

Based on the desired loan amount and the term, this quickly determines the providers on the market who offer the ideal conditions for the respective preferences. In this way, the providers on the market can be compared with each other at no additional cost and without any obligation.

For the borrower, this not only allows the lender to be selected according to his or her own wishes, but also the best possible transparency and ultimately ideal loan conditions. Of course, the loan application for the loan with a low interest rate can also be carried out directly via the loan calculator once the suitable provider has been found.

Car Loan During Parental Leave


Taking out a loan during parental leave is now possible at many banks and savings banks. The offer for private borrowers is not limited to the few loan offers of banks and savings banks in the immediate vicinity. The borrower can also choose between a wide variety of loan offers on the Internet.

The selection for the borrower has increased enormously, above all due to the numerous loan offers from the Internet. Not only in terms of interest rates, there have been significant changes for the borrower in recent years, especially in terms of contract design, many lending banks are trying to differentiate themselves and offer the borrower flexible repayment, individual terms and loan amounts. Before taking out a car loan during parental leave, borrowers should always consider a comparison on the Internet, only then is it possible for the borrower to determine the best loan offer today.

Take out car loan during parental leave – Favorable conditions are definitely possible

Take out car loan during parental leave - Favorable conditions are definitely possible

Anyone who takes out a car loan during parental leave should above all take into account the changed financial options. People on parental leave generally have 60% of their income at their disposal, which must of course be taken into account when planning the repayment. Borrowers should always choose a longer term when borrowing because of the risk of default, since the risk of default is lower, but borrowers should never forget that a long term is associated with a high level of capital commitment for the bank, the borrower for this reason has to adjust to higher borrowing costs.

Short term and a low loan

Short term and a low loan

The choice of a short term and a low loan amount should always be preferred by the borrower, since credit default risk and capital commitment can be reduced enormously for the bank and the bank is therefore more willing to grant attractive terms. In addition to the structure of the term and loan amount, the creditworthiness of the borrower is also decisive. The creditworthiness today is mainly defined by the income of the borrower and his Credit Bureau information.

The current, reduced earned income must be stated when specifying the income. The low income from work can be offset by the borrower through a positive Credit Bureau, so that even a car loan during parental leave can be taken out at attractive conditions.

Loan despite short-time allowance.

Short-time work allowance is sixty or sixty-seven percent of the income lost as a result of short-time work and is generally limited to six months; this period can be extended in special operational situations. If regular wages are barely enough, workers affected by short-time work want to bridge the work slack with a loan. However, applying for it is not always easy.

The bank loan with short-time allowance

The bank loan with short-time allowance

Many commercial banks fundamentally reject the loan despite short-time work allowance because the work of the employment agency is only provided temporarily and the subsequent receipt of regular wages is not considered to be secure. In fact, ordering short-time work turned out to be the last unsuccessful attempt to ward off bankruptcy at some companies.

However, by far the most companies returned to normal working hours after the short-time working phase, so that the repayment of the loan is secured. If employees apply for a loan despite short-time allowance, they choose a bank that takes the specific individual case into account. A loan with a temporary repayment break is ideal, so that the payment of the loan installments only begins after the end of the short-time phase.

Alternatives to bank loans with short-time work benefits

Alternatives to bank loans with short-time work benefits

If the total income from the remaining wages and short-time allowance is lower than the standard rate, short-time workers have a temporary entitlement to reform benefits. In individual cases, these entitle to an interest-free loan despite short-time allowance if urgently needed household appliances have to be purchased. In the retail sector, an installment payment agreement can also be made as a dedicated loan while receiving short-time work benefits, since income receipts hardly need to be presented. Installment payments can often be linked to a break in payment, so that the first installment is only due after the end of short-time work.

Loans can also be obtained through short-time work allowance via websites for arranging loans between private individuals. The members registered as lenders subscribe to credit inquiries from short-time workers for social reasons, since they are aware of the special situation of the workers concerned and have confidence in the continued employment and thus in the borrower’s repayment ability. 

Car loan with desired rate & tempting interest


Car loan with desired rate – new vehicle

Car loan with desired rate - new vehicle

The vehicle trade embraces its customers with sales-promoting loan offers. A car loan with the desired rate can even be – just as advertised – on the price tag. Big zero invites you to dream when it comes to financing new vehicles. Loan for the new car is often offered without interest and even without a down payment.

After all, a loan cannot be cheaper than borrowing interest-free. Now just screw the current rate down. A final installment loan makes it possible. Then “negotiated hard”. “Get hold” of a discount of between 5 percent and 10 percent.

Anyone who imagines their car loan at the desired rate usually gives away cash. Vehicle purchase and financing offer huge savings if you don’t just look at the interest rate.

With and without a final rate, the desired rate can even be reduced.

Cashpayers in a car dealership – recognizing advantages

Cashpayers in a car dealership - recognizing advantages

The borrower doesn’t care whether he pays bank A or bank B the installments for the car loan. The manufacturer doesn’t really care.

Depending on the brand and model, the list price always includes all costs that could arise from the sale of the vehicle. It therefore includes “interest sponsoring” for the interest-free car loan with the desired rate.

There is also an additional discount and risk premiums. Surcharges for costs that arise, for example, when a borrower does not pay. The bottom line is a sales price that the dealership must ask for. About 10 percent discount is included. No matter how well someone negotiates. It is different with cash sales.

Interest sponsorship and most risk premiums become the bargaining chip. According to our research and the research of the SZ from 2017, the car dealership attracts with high discounts for cash payers.

On average, around 30 percent discount is realistic.

Financing from outside – does it pay off at all?

Financing from outside - does it pay off at all?

Almost with “breast milk” we learn to always pay attention to the effective annual interest rate according to PAngV. The view of the “big picture” is quickly lost. After all, every car loan with the desired rate serves a specific purpose. For example, the purchase of a new vehicle.

Appropriately, Bremen merchants shaped a sentence for business success centuries ago. “The profit is in purchasing”. Not only credit is purchased, but the vehicle in the next step. The bottom line is that the calculation has to work.

Here is a simple calculation example:

Here is a simple calculation example:

A 28,000 USD car loan from the dealership leads to a 10 percent discount. That is 2,800 USD. Paid, for example over 72 months, means that 25,200 USD are paid interest-free. Financed for 72 months, the car loan costs a monthly rate of 350 USD. The cash payer can expect a discount of around 30 percent. So 8,400 USD off. He thus financed 19,600 USD.

With a term of 72 months, for example at Capital Lender, to take up 2.79 percent effective interest per year according to PAngV. In this case, the monthly rate (despite interest) is 295.65 USD. If the desired rate is to be as small as possible, it is optimally financed online. The figures prove that the calculation works easily in almost every known individual case.

Desired loans online – loan models

Desired loans online - loan models

When buying a car, the eyes are often bigger than the wallet. The discrepancy between car loans at the desired rate is to compensate.

Instead of a classic installment loan, most people with a “tight wallet” prefer to finance with a final installment loan. The final rate is calculated with the maximum amount (residual value of the car at maturity – dealer EK). This loan model offers Car Credit in a loan comparison. A Lite Lender brand.

We still recommend classic financing with constant rates. Instead, choose a longer term. Up to 144 months are possible online. A three-way vehicle purchase loan is not found online. The vehicle is reserved for the dealer when the final installment is due. In return, the car loan with the desired rate of a direct bank offers other advantages that the dealer does not have to offer.

For example, rescheduling other liabilities through cheap car loans.

Car loan – restart of finance

Car loan - restart of finance

The economy in Germany is funded by pump. Hardly any employee has a debt somewhere. The “pleasure” of overdrafts and credit cards is particularly expensive. It is a so-called short-term loan. Taking the term literally saves interest. Auto loan with the desired rate of an online bank can often be used to reschedule existing debts.

It is easy to determine whether the desired provider grants the special condition. Click once on “Product details”. The window with the application conditions opens. In addition, on the right side of the field of vision is “Advantages”. Special conditions are listed there. If a debt is to be rescheduled with a car loan, the information is there. The option: credit rescheduling is allowed to pay attention to.

The exact wording is flexible.

Preferred loan with initial difficulties – solution

Preferred loan with initial difficulties - solution

Problems with obtaining the desired car loan at the desired rate are rather rare. Of course, there is no guarantee of this. But at the same time, most credit institutions open a way to rule out potential problems in advance. They offer the application with two people. With two solvent borrowers, plus high-quality property security, nothing should go wrong. Nevertheless, every applicant naturally wants to “bother” no other borrower if possible.

If there are doubts as to whether the loan will be approved and who offers the optimal car loan with the desired rate, Cream Bank will take action. Simply send the loan application directly to the portal. Cream Bank reviews the application immediately “neutral”. Then the credit experts and the software recommend what is likely to be the best offer.

Car loan with the desired rate – despite credit bureau?

Car loan with the desired rate - despite credit bureau?

Only a few providers are available for credit requests despite credit bureau. When liquidity is scarce, borrowers are particularly concerned about the small rate. The right car loan with the desired rate – for difficult cases – is the extra loan. Up to 144 months are possible. In this way, the rate can be vanishingly none. An alternative to this, with a term of up to 84 months, is the credit private.

In addition, with a term of up to 60 months, the car loan through Best Bank. Common to these options for the car loan with the desired rate, despite credit bureau, is a higher interest rate.

We advise you to clarify the cost of the loan before making an application.